Wood Dust
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The Dangers of Wood Dust

the growing dangers of WOOD DUST

Wood processing industries have recently entered the limelight in dust collection news. Researchers have been looking into what about wood dust makes it most explosive. With increasingly more fires and explosions occurring over the recent years, businesses handling wood dust should take every precaution to ensure catastrophic events don’t occur in their facility.


In 2019, wood products were involved in 31% of dust related incidents that occurred in the first half of the year.

a wood stump pie chart graphic

That’s up from
28% in 2018.

These incidents could occur in any facility creating sawdust, chips, shavings, fibers, and pellets.


Take the proper precautions to avoid these incidents in your facility.

A CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector sits outside of a facility.

The CMAXX Dust & Fume Collector from Imperial Systems is specifically designed to be most efficient for your facility. It will ensure proper housekeeping and remove hazardous wood dusts from your facility.

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