The CMAXX Laser Comes Complete – Simply Plug It In and Press Start

Cardinal Air partners with Imperial Systems to develop high performing, low maintenance fume extractors. The CMAXX Laser delivers dependable performance and features heavy duty modular construction and reliable performance for a wide range of application needs.

Best Cleaning Efficiency and Longest Life in the Industry

Our fume extractors are complete custom built systems, engineered to meet specific needs. We thoroughly study your facility, processes, and analyze the related fumes and contaminants in order to develop the most effective fume extractors solution for you. Drawing on the benefit of our extensive knowledge and industry experience, we are able to develop virtually any fume collector configuration to custom fit your location.

You can count on Cardinal Air as your fume extraction specialist. We will deliver a system that meets your needs and budget, and provides lasting value.

Portable Fume Extractor

The Shadow – Fume Extraction Wherever You Need It

When you have workers exposed to weld smoke, you need some type of fume extraction to protect them. But what if:

  • Your workplace is too small for a full-sized dust and fume collector?
  • You don’t have enough welders to require a large fume extraction system?
  • You have intermittent welding?
  • You need a system that is portable?

A portable fume extraction system can provide the ideal solution. It is important to know, however, that not all portable fume extraction systems are the same.

A Solution Specially Designed for Welding and Metalworking

The SHADOW portable fume extraction system offers many features perfectly suited for welding and metalworking applications.

  • Choices of fume arms so you can choose the one that’s the perfect fit
  • Compressed air pulse cleaning keeps your filter working without you having to think about it
  • The easiest filter change in a portable collector

You can count on Cardinal Air as your fume extraction specialist and source for the SHADOW portable fume extraction system.

Tell Us About Your Project

  • CMAXX Fume Extractors

        • Tool-free Filter Access and Filter Change
        • Goyen Premium Reverse Air Cleaning Systems; Requires 13 SCFM @ 70 PSI Modular Design
        • 3/16″ Plate and 10 gauge Carbon Steel Construction
        • DeltaMAXX Fire Retardant Filters with 1400 sq. feet of filter media
        • Pre-Wired, Pre-Plumbed Control Panel Complete with Motor Starter
        • Built-in Spark Trap designed for Laser Table Systems.
        • Fan Silencer rated for 75dba MAX


        • Explosion Isolation Valve (EIV)
        • Spark Trap
        • Abrasion Resistant Inlet or Space Saving Inlet
        • Standard Access Panel
        • Explosion Panel
        • Drop Out Module
        • Pyramid Hopper
        • Cast Iron Air Lock
        • Smoke Detector
        • Explosion Panel Deflector Plate
        • Broken Filter Sensor
        • Integrated HEPA After Filter (optional)


        • Plasma Cutting
        • Welding
        • Shot Blasting
  • SHADOW Portable Fume Extraction Systems
        • No-Tool Filter Change
        • Self-Cleaning Filter
        • MERV 15 DeltaMAXX™ Nanofiber Filter
        • Powder Coated Steel Finish
        • Integrated Spark Arrestor
        • 10’ Adjustable Fume Arm With No Internal Components
        • Push Button Starter With a 12’ Cord That Plugs Into Any Standard 120 Volt Power Source
        • Easily Transportable For Maximum Fume Capture
        • Meets OSHA Standards For Controlling Weld Fumes
        • Quiet Operation
        • Hepa Filter
        • Legs and Hopper
        • Carbon Filter
        • Deltamaxx Spunbond Filter
        • Custom Cord Length
        • Tool Tray
        • Depth:   46.25”
        • Width:   28”
        • Height:  68.25”
        • Height with 10 ft. fume arm attached:  94.75″
        • Weight:  415 lbs