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Cardinal Air is your source for Eurovac Products 

Eurovac specializes in dust and fume extraction systems.  As a market leader, Eurovac has extensive experience in automotive and industrial systems with source capture hand tools, industrial housekeeping and material handling systems, vehicle cleaning systems, vehicle exhaust systems, and welding fume extraction systems. Eurovac is also very knowledgeable about NFPA codes and the handling of explosive materials. 

  • Industrial Central Vacuum Systems – Products for every need and budget – designed to run all day, every day with minimal maintenance requirements. Excellent filtration – all Eurovac systems have built-in primary cyclonic separation located ahead of the final bag or cartridge filters.  
  • Booth modules – Eurovac offers a wide variety of portable vacuum systems including an assortment of features to fit practically any application need or challenge. The Eurovac portable vacuum system line includes a full range of vacuum ready tools. 

Eurovac has expertise in NFPA codes and the handling of explosive materials.