DeltaMAXX™ Cartridge Dust Collector Filters – Up to Twice the Filter Life

The design and characteristics of Imperial DeltaMAXX™ cartridge filters deliver safety, savings, and efficiency. DeltaMaxx dust collector filters have a higher efficiency rating than competing filters, due to the nanofiber technology being 50% smaller than other fibers.  This allows for a lower resistance to airflow due to the surface loading technology and enhanced dust cake release.

Pulse up to 94% less often than Competing Filters

All work environments benefit from the added safety of DeltaMAXX surface loading technology because exposure to toxins is reduced. The best surface loading technology has less dust build up. Less buildup of dust requires fewer pulses, and fewer pulses mean reduced emissions and fewer safety hazards. Since DeltaMAXX dust collector filters require fewer pulses, decreasing filter stress and extending service life.

Great Replacement Filter for any Cartridge Dust Collector

The advantages of DeltaMAXX dust collector filters can be experienced with any dust collector. These filters are universally designed to bring longer filter life, enhanced efficiency, and cost savings to any application.

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  • Dust Collection Filters

      • Features:
        • Up to twice the filter life
        • Advanced Nanofiber technology
        • Superior MERV 15 filtration efficiency
        • Lower operational mass emissions
        • Less pulse cleaning
        • Highest quality pleated media – 99.9% efficiency .3 to .5 micron
        • Best surfacing loading performance


        • Grain Dust Collection
        • Fiberglass Dust Collection
        • Food processing
        • Mining Dust Control
        • Woodworking Dust Control
        • Battery Manufacturing
  • Make & Models Supported
    • DeltaMAXX Dust Collector Cartridge Filters are manufactured for all makes and models of cartridge dust collectors.

      Regardless of the nature of your dust collection and air pollution control application, Imperial Systems Inc. has the answer for all of your cartridge filtration needs.

      • Imperial Systems CMAXX
      • Donaldson Torit
      • Farr APC
      • Robovent
      • Lincoln Electric
      • Messer
      • AAF
      • UAS
      • Airflow Systems
      • Flex-Kleen
      • MAC
      • Micro Air
      • Pneumafil
      • Sly
      • Steelcraft
      • Trion
      • Avani
      • Plymoven
      • & more…