High Performance and Design Flexibility 

Whether your application is welding, plasma cutting, grinding, powder coating, or sanding, Cardinal Air Design is committed to help you capture dust by providing a fully customized booth module from Diversitech. This turnkey solution has a built-in, reverse pulse cleaning system to extend filter life and reduce maintenance.

Cardinal Air is Your Dedicated Air Solution Specialist  

As your air quality solution specialist, Cardinal Air provides you with the benefit of proven experience and engineering expertise. We help you meet your specific needs and challenges with knowledgeable guidance. Cardinal Air promises to bring the best performance and value to every project we serve.  

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Booth Modules

  • Diversitech Filterhawk EBM Dust Collector
    • DD 4'x6' Downdraft Table

      • Self-cleaning cartridge filters
      • Dust drawer below unit for quick disposal
      • Pulls harmful smoke, dust, and fumes to back of booth, away from operator
      • OSHA Compliant for controlling weld fumes
      • 6-cartridge 4500 CFM or 6000 CFM
      • HEPA filter
      • Nanofiber filter
      • Minihelic gauge
      • Odor absorption kits
      • Washable spunbond fibers
  • Diversitech Dust Control Booth
    • DD 4'x6' Downdraft Table

      • Uses the Airhawk Environmental Booth Modules, available 4, 6, or 8-cartridge options (3000-6000 CFM)
      • Can be customized to fit your needs
      • Self-supporting
      • Free standing module
      • Dust-proof light kit
      • Spark baffles
      • Backdraft dampers
      • Sound abatement
      • Washable spunbond filters
      • Odor absorption kits
      • Backdraft Hood
      • Minihelic gauge
      • HEPA or nanofiber filter