The Right Fans and Blowers to Optimize Your Process – Chicago Blower

Fans and blowers are essential components in an effective and efficient industrial dust collection system. We have partnered with Chicago Blower who is known worldwide for their top-rated industrial fans and blowers that fit a wide variety of applications. Cardinal Air is highly knowledgeable and experienced in selecting the right industrial fans and blowers to achieve the most effective and efficient process.  We evaluate factors such as:

  • Environmental humidity levels
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Density of the air moving in the process

For Cardinal Air, designing the best industrial dust collection system to meet your needs does not mean an off-the-shelf solution. When it comes to fan and blower selection, we work with a wide range of industrial fan and blower manufacturers to find the best combination of performance, reliability, and value.

Specifying the industry’s best equipment is just the beginning. In selecting industrial fans and blowers for your process we look at factors like:

  • Volume flow rate
  • Pressure
  • Noise restrictions
  • Hazardous material considerations
  • Corrosive materials in air stream
  • Humidity in air stream
  • Inside or outside application
  • Electrical supply
  • Space constraints

For Cardinal Air, the integration of industrial fans and blowers into a dust collection system means considering the conditions, environment, and materials involved. While more than one option may “get the job done”, we have the experience to identify which fans and blowers will meet and exceed expectations with optimal results.

We believe that when you invest in Cardinal Air as your industrial dust collection solution supplier, we should invest only our best in your project.

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Centrifugal Fans


Airfoil Fans

Airfoil SQA Square Fan
  • Clean Air
  • Fumes
  • Light Dust

Backward Inclined Fans

BI Backward Inclined Industrial Fans
  • Corrosive Air
  • Industrial Process Exhaust

Radial Bladed Fans

Industrial Radial Tip Fan

  • Dirty Airstreams
  • Material Handling

Pressure Blowers

Cast Aluminum Pressure Blower Fan
  • Combustion Air
  • Process Applications
  • Pneumatic Conveying

Vane Axial Fans

Fixed Pitch Fan
  • Ventilation
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Applications

Panel/Tube Axial Fans

Panel Fan
  • Ventilation
  • Exhaust

Industrial Dampers

Butterfly Damper Fan
  • Control
  • Isolation