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Corrosive Salt Bath Needs A Tough Dust Collector

From an Imperial Systems blog post in 2019:


A company in Ohio produces parts for the aerospace industry using a salt bath. The modern aerospace industry relies on salt baths to treat metals for corrosion resistance. However, the high heat and particulate from this process caused serious problems for the company’s dust collector.

The company used a baghouse for their dust collection. However, the fumes, heat, and corrosive material caused rusting. The baghouse itself rusted, but so did the cages inside that support the bags. Corroded and damaged cages made changing the bags a challenge.

In addition, the facility produced such a fine dust that some of it escaped the baghouse. The fugitive dust often ended up in the building’s parking lot. The baghouse could not filter out this very fine particulate.


This company using salt bath replaced their rusted baghouse with a noncorrosive CMAXX.SOLUTION:

The company contacted Cardinal Air Design, an Imperial Systems representative in their area of Ohio. The dust collection system professionals at Cardinal Air Design developed a new system for the company. The new system uses a CMAXX cartridge collector, a CM006.

The cartridge filters provide the efficiency to capture the very fine particles from the salt bath application. In addition, the new system included special design features for this tough application. Insulation helps the ductwork withstand the heat. The CMAXX collector itself has an epoxy-coated interior and a stainless steel tube sheet. These features allow the collector to resist corrosion in this difficult salt bath application.

Because cartridge filters do not rely on metal cages for support, a cartridge dust collector avoids the issues of bag cages rusting. The higher efficiency of the cartridge filters also allows the capture of the very fine particulate, which had been a problem for the bags.



With the new system in place, the company now has a reliable solution for its salt bath dust collection. The DeltaMAXX filters prevent dust from escaping, putting an end to the accumulation of fugitive dust outside the building. With the epoxy coating and stainless steel tube sheet, the company expects the CMAXX to hold up to the corrosive conditions.

In addition, the company appreciates the work of Cardinal Air Design, who assisted through the process. The specially designed dust collector and duct work solved some difficult problems. While a dust collector for a corrosive salt bath application posed a challenge, the company now has a good solution.

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