Ductwork Made Simple with 50 to 70% Labor Time Savings

Cardinal Air develops reliable ductwork systems with clamp together ducting from KB Duct. This ducting is suitable for a wide range of work environments including:

  • Wood, paper, and chemical processing
  • Fume and oil mist collection
  • Abrasive applications

KB Duct ductwork system advantages include:

  • Simple installation – 50 to 70% labor time savings compared to spiral ductwork
  • Quick modifications – Unsurpassed ease, speed, and adjustability
  • Material integrity – Premium quality materials for harsh environments
  • Standard n-butyl rubber gaskets – FDA silicone available for food and high temp applications
  • Durable Viton and Gore-tex gasket material

Your Experienced KB Duct Ductwork Specialist

Cardinal Air offers you proven experience and engineering expertise in developing customized ductwork systems. We are ready to help you meet your specific needs and challenges with knowledgeable guidance.

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  • Ductwork
    • Features


      • Superior clamping and fast installation
      • Two simple methods of adjustment for fast and easy changes
      • Designed for quick, secure, repetitive use
      • All welded stainless steel construction
      • Heavy-duty ‘winged’ O-ring gasket for tight compression with rolled lip system
      • Fully welded seams
      • Elbow adjustability
      • 304 and 316 Stainless steel – galvanized materials of construction up to 10 gauge

      KB Duct

      Infinite Adjustability

      Make infinite adjustments to fit any required length with long adjustable sleeves or adjustable collars on fittings for critical short adjustments.