Dust Level Sensor
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Dust Level Sensor


The dust level sensor from Imperial Systems makes it safe and convenient to monitor dust collection containers. The sensor uses a signal to detect the level of dust inside the container. When it detects that a container is full, a light on the sensor indicates which container needs to be changed out. The dust level sensor eliminates the messy process of opening the containers just to check the dust levels.


Another great thing about the Dust Level Sensor is that it is a tool that can be added to an existing system that you have. It is also available with new orders and new systems that are being installed but can be ordered separately and be hooked up with your existing system very easily and it is inexpensive for being such a great tool.


Easy install and setup

Low voltage

Ideal for hard to check containers

Prevent container overflow

Less need to open containers

Easy reset

Eliminates risk of dust backing up into collector

Half the cost of competing sensors


Starting at Only $1871.00 for 1 Discharge Point. We are also able to install it for you.

Up to 4 Discharge Points on one panel. Ask for additional details and pricing.


Please contact us if you have any further questions about the Dust Level Sensor or if you would like to place an order to add it to your existing system.


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