High Performance and Design Flexibility

Cardinal Air meets your booth module needs with SBM8000 booth modules from Superior. These booth modules can be purchased individually or can come equipped with a variety of booth configurations for design flexibility. Options range from 8 ft. to 120 ft. wide and 4 ft. to 100 ft. deep. The system features a regain air option that effectively doubles the airflow characteristics of the booth using a push/pull design. The advanced filter system includes 99.97% efficient self-cleaning, Nanofiber FR filters with Power-Pulse technology.

Quieter Operation and Exclusive Filter Actuator Technology

Superior’s exclusive filter actuators allow the filters to be raised and lowered at the touch of a button for fast filter changes. Designed with a 7 ½ horsepower fan in a larger blower package, the SBM800 provides 10,000 CFM of airflow with quieter operation than competing booth modules.

Cardinal Air is Your Dedicated Air Solution Specialist

As your air quality solution specialist, Cardinal Air provides you with the benefit of proven experience and engineering expertise. We help you meet your specific needs and challenges with knowledgeable guidance booth module selection. Cardinal Air is committed to bringing the best performance and value to every project we serve.

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  • Superior SBM8000 8’ Self Cleaning Cartridge Style Booth Module
    • Specification

      • Footprint – 96″ D x 40″ W x 119″ T
      • Filtration – (8) Nanofiber FR Cartridges
      • Maximum CFM – 10,000 CFM
      • Motor/Blower – 7 1/2 HP, 208/230-460 V
      • Weight – 1800 lbs
      • Cabinet/Finish – 12 gauge – Acrylic blue
      • Exhaust: Top Upblast and Forward Regain
      • Fan – Direct Drive


      • Composite dust
      • Fume extraction
      • Welding smoke collection
      • Capture of any dry dust or powder


      See page: http://superiorairproducts.com/sbm8000/

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